Book 1 - Unexpected Habits

Book 2 - Noobie Habits

Book 3 - Gopher Habits

Book 4 - The River Flows

Book 5 - Mr. Peter's Pumpkin Patch

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New Series coming

 Aunt Nana   

New Series:
Aunt Nana

"Aunt Nana" is a 62-year-old semi-retired “radio” Sheriff of the fictional Mountain community, 'Briar Ridge' conveniently located in the “Quiet Zone”. The series plot revolves around Sheriff Nana and her life in the quiet, unplugged sleepy, slow-paced lifestyle of fictional Briar Ridge. This special enforcement was due in part to a Government installed giant, fully steerable radio telescope used to detect and communicate with extraterrestrial’s in the Universe. Aunt Nana's level-headed approach to special enforcement makes her the scourge for out-of-town radio and smart phone lawbreakers, but it is her abilities to settle community problems with common-sense advice, and pacification that make her popular among her fellow townspeople. She is obsessive about her work and driven by her levelheaded, common-sense approach to her new duties in special enforcement. She uses special equipment to detect signals from any unauthorized electronics. Residents of Briar Ridge rely on landlines to call their neighbors, and they surf the Web by use of dial-up or Ethernet cable connection. 
At home, Aunt Nana enjoys fly fishing, and quiet evenings on the front porch, alone, watching fireflies or listening to the cicada’s sing. Her parenting skills and quiet zone are about to be tested when her younger sibling's daughter is forced to come into her charge. Their relationship begins a bumpy tumultuous road as her twelve-year-old rebellious niece is not ready or used to being deprived of her social media accounts and learning to live without IM, and texting.


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