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"Aunt Nana" is a 62-year-old semi-retired “radio” Sheriff of the Mountain community, 'Briar Ridge' conveniently located in the “Quiet Zone” of Star County. The quiet zone, Briar Ridge holds a secret.

Aunt Nana uses a common-sense approach to her own special enforcement. She enjoys fly fishing, and quiet evenings on the front porch watching fireflies, or listening to the cicada’s sing. Occasionally, Aunt Nana looks after her nine-year-old neighbor, Asa Gibble, who enjoys Sherlock Holmes and detective mysteries.

Soon Aunt Nana’s parenting skills and the quiet zone are about to be tested when her younger sibling's eleven-year-old daughter, Elle Quimby, is forced to come into her charge. Their relationship begins a bumpy tumultuous road. The tweenage niece is not accustomed to being deprived of social media, or learning to live without IM and texting. Thank goodness Aunt Nana’s resident cat, Sky, is around to help.

Aunt Nana learn outsiders, staying at the local bed and breakfast, are asking a great deal of questions about an evil man from the town’s treacherous past. One of the guests is the nephew of the evil man’s wife. Aunt Nana is alarmed and worried that the towns evil past may repeat itself.

Elle joins forces with the deerstalker cap and cape crusader Asa, following strange

shadows and Aunt Nana’s home being burgled. They soon realize things are not what

they seem in Briar Ridge; from the strange train ride on the caboose hop to the

privately owned and strange county observatory/museum hidden deep in the

mountains. Together, they work to solve the mystery of Briar Ridge.

            Can Aunt Nana help her niece find her true calling? Can she stop the town from repeating their evil past? Will Elle and Asa uncover the mysteries of Briar Ridge before it’s too late, or will Aunt Nana become yet another Briar Ridge legend or casualty?

Cozy Mystery Adventure Series

Spinoff from the Lineman and the Cook Faith Mystery Series:
Aunt Nana Mysteries

Now available.

Mystery of Briar Ridge

Aunt Nana
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