Delightful debut of old-world charm fairy tale appeal of a young couple, Jack and Carol MacCleary, living a simple life until they are chosen to protect St. Raphael's unique island inhabitants with incredibly special powers. Keeping in tradition of this fairy tale adventurous fantasy, Unexpected Habits sets the tone for more exciting adventures to come. 

Buffaloberry? Pogonip? Uni-grams? Seriously? Very unexpected habits are about to happen for one young couple who are expecting their first child! Not everyone wanted the young couple to succeed. Dark forces were working to destroy Jack, Carol, and Saint Raphael's. The lineman and the cook would come to play a vital role ensuring the safety and care of St. Raphael's unique inhabitants. They were about to meet their destiny as the Lineman and the Cook prepare for very Unexpected Habits. 

A page-turning sequel continuing the traditions of Spiritual Fiction Fantasy adventure, Noobie Habits (book 2) in the Lineman and the Cook Series is a highly fueled and entertaining fantasy adventure that keeps rebellious first-years at Saint Raphael's in trouble.

Taffy Tongues, Curfew Curses, Sadie Fawkes, Hallow Eve, and more are about to begin at Saint Raphael's NOT so traditional school. First-years, or Noobies, start their first class...Scavenger Hunting. They must solve clues to find their next class as the adventure continues with more secrets. Join Mem MacCleary and her teammates in this fantasy adventure sequel and enjoy Saint Raphael's captivating world of special gifts and mysteries. You'll be protected with the help of The Lineman and the Cook.


A modern-day classic told in fairy tale magic, this fantasy adventure series continues in book three of the Lineman and the Cook Series. Second-years enter Gopher House and begin their year of service and duty. Saint Raphael's is full of secrets, and friends are desperate to save their doomed classmates as they get sucked through one door in Saint Raphael's kitchens and tossed out another into the revolting other-world river district. 
Harpies now rule and a last refuge to save a bully and an almond-eye boy lead to more mysteries, and a race for Mem, David, and Moira to figure out clues to rescue their classmates.
Mem and friends soon learn their former teammate has become the dodgy leader of the river district, and perhaps the most powerful evil to emerge in the other-world. For Mem, David, and Moira it will take all of their Saint Raphael's training and special gifts to escape the Harpies and return home!


Students are flying! And they're not using broomsticks! School’s in session with more secrets. Mem MacCleary and her mates discover their wings and a very important mission. This fairy tale fantasy adventure series by K. L. Russell, continues in book four of the Lineman and the Cook Series. Third-years enter Dux House learning more than leadership and mentoring their Noobie charges.
One well guarded secret leads an uninvited guest into the mentoring care of Mem and her teammate. Saint Raphael’s is beset from other-world sources, and HABs are polluting Saint Raphael’s life source and rivers.
Mem and her friends are desperate to save their beloved school and Saint Raphael’s island from unclean souls and make sure the river flows.


Mr. Pete's Pumpkin Patch - Book 5 (TBA)

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