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K. L. Russell is the pen name of spiritual non-fiction author Patricia Meredith. She was raised in a small town along the Ohio river, and knew at a very early age she wanted to be creative. She attended private school throughout her early years, and in her late 40's eventually graduated from private University earning her B.A. in Creative Writing.

As with many writers, K. L. Russell (Patricia Meredith)enjoyed various professions. Although some may refer to them as jobs, she prefers to think of them as adventures. Every journey a challenge, and meeting people from all walks of life, stimulating.

Now in her 60's, she was inspired by her mother to write the Lineman and the Cook (Faith Mystery) Series, about a young couple, deep in faith who loved children. 

She was later inspired to write a spin-off from the Lineman and the Cook (Faith Mystery) Series, and now available, Book 1 in the Aunt Nana Mystery of Briar Ridge (Aunt Nana Mysteries).

From the author:

"As an indie author, this path continues to be trial and error. There are a great many stories to tell and as an indie author I am forever evolving and changing. I hope to leave behind something for all to love and cherish."


Note from the Author

I hope you are enjoying Lineman and the Cook Faith Mystery Series.  After all, what greater mystery than our faith?

Book 5, is to be the last in the series and is set to publish late 2023, Mr. Peter’s Pumpkin Patch.

I’ve also begun another cozy mystery series for readers of all ages, and that is the Aunt Nana Mysteries. Book 2, The Vanishing Body is also set to publish late 2023.

The books are inspired by my parents, family, and friends. I was fortunate enough to attend private schools, and taught by nuns who help shape and inspire these cozy mysteries for readers of all ages.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing and sharing them. Thank you.

Keep the faith -

K. L. Russell (Patricia Meredith)

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