Follow the story of the MacCleary clan. Jack and Carol, a young couple recently married, and expecting their first child both discover they have unique powers which ultimately place them in danger. Dark forces threaten to destroy them and humanity, until they are relocated to a secret island and are now delegated with the responsibility as island lineman gate watchers, cook and healers. They discover the ancient secrets of Saint Raphael's Island and soon learn the islands unique inhabitants with special powers are an exciting new reality. But just when the MacCleary Clan settle for a simpler life, dark forces attempt to penetrate and take over the island, destroying humanity in the process.  It will take all of their special powers-along with some talented Brothers and Sisters-to stop those dark forces from destroying everything that matters.

These spiritual fiction fantasy books are created for middle grade reading, or children of all ages. The Lineman and the Cook Series begins with Unexpected Habits and continues with Saint Raphael's boarding school where other-world children attend by invitation only in Noobie Habits. They are taught by the brothers and sisters of Saint Raphael's where those mysteries lay hidden until they are ready in Gopher Habits. Their headmistress, and island governess, is Mother Nicodemus, who has rules with hefty consequences for any student who has total disregard. Join them and learn the secrets as this magical fantasy adventure continues in the Lineman and the Cook series:


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